Slave to the Siren - Black Sea


Love her or hate her, there's no denying her seductive powers and her ubiquity. She is pervasive. Her legend is eternal.

The Siren rises from the depths of the Sea, singing her songs to lure sailors, pirates and hipsters to the coffee shop by the shore. Accompanied by her Sea Serpents this Siren stands Tall at 6inches, 8inches Wide & 3inches Deep.

The Third emergence of the Siren was in Western Europe, inside the Black Sea. She arose from the depths to sing her song and is packaged in a bundle with a Black Matte Venti Tumbler adorning the Siren logo & metal straw.


"Slave to the Siren" sculpted by Oasim Karmieh (@pixelbuddha) and based on Artwork by rxse7en.

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