Ramble Founders Edition by Vanser Toys (vRareCon)


Ramble, a bighorn sheep from Las Vegas, NV has arrived! This debut vinyl figure stands at 5" tall and 5" wide and comes in the Founders Edition colorway which is limited to 100  pieces. (ORIGINALLY SLATED FOR 200 PIECES A REORDER IN THIS COLORWAY WILL NOT BE INITIATED)

Ramble is the embodiment of the creativity and culture that resides in Las Vegas and we're so excited for our first vinyl figure release. We can't thank you enough for your support.

Each figure comes in a designer box that's hand numbered. There may be minor paint defects or wear, but please bear with us! We're new to the industry and quality is incredibly important to us so we'll always be improving!

Ramble created by: Eric Sajor and Christopher Lapena

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