Sell Your Pops

Not only do we sell Funko Pops at vRare we also BUY Funko Pops from collectors!

If your looking to sell your collection you have come to the right place!

Our process is simple

  • Collections must have over 30 Funko Pops
  • Have your PPG/HobbyDb collection up to date with the collection you are wishing to sell
  • We go through your collection and provide an offer if it meets are requirements 
  • %'s vary on what is in your collection.

Things we like in collections

  • Variety of exclusives (you can have commons of course)
  • We prefer ANIME but we look into all collections
  • If pops are damaged let us know which pops have the damage and how severe it is

Thins we do not like

  • Please have a PPG or HobbyDB link photos of your collection will not be looked at you must have your list ready.
  • We are only accepting HobbyDB/PPG link's for collections.

If your interested please contact us over at or on our instagram @vrarestore_ with your collection and what you are looking for, we will follow back up with an offer that's fair for both parties and get you set up!