Funko Signature Series Mystery Box (4 Pops Per Box)

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1 Box Per Order (4 POP!'s Per Box)

16 Top Pulls

  • 1x Flocked Tony Chopper (PSA CERT)
  • 1x Ken Kaneki Glow
  • 1x¬†Roronoa Zoro
  • 1x¬†Muichiro Shared
  • 1x Mitsuri Kanroji Signed (Psa Cert)
  • 1x Shanks Chase
  • 1x Armored Chopper
  • 1x Glow Red Hawk Luffy
  • 1x Eustass Kid
  • 1x Sailor Chibi Moon
  • 1x Ulquiorra Shared Exclusive
  • 1x Kakashi Anbu Chase
  • 1x Boa Hancock
  • 1x Enmu Shared Exclusive
  • 1x Jiraiya Shared Exclusive
  • 10x Signed Surprise Chases (PSA Cert)

Every box has 1 Guaranteed Random Anime Auto - 1 Shared Convention Exclusive - 2 Commons

Funkos will be shipped in near mint / mint condition w/ a protector.

1 Box Per Order

150 Boxes only

We have been saving some straight HEAT for these boxes so don't miss out!

No Discounts Allowed for mystery boxes.

Do not combine mystery boxes with other items as this causes delay. We will cancel the other products and ship your mystery box.

This is not a guaranteed value box mystery box. The only guarantee is that you receive an 1 Auto 1 Shared Convention Exclusive 2 Commons. There are no cancellation's and all sales are final. (if this is abused we reserve the right to ban you from purchasing in the future)

Boxes ship within 48 hours of being SOLD OUT


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      All sales are final for mystery boxes.

      We do our best to give the best experience possible for all participants. All mystery boxes are packed in batches with our selected SKU's. Getting duplicates is a possibility as our packer's are not reading packing slip's to maintain 100% fairness in our mystery run.

      Not all boxes are guaranteed value. Every box is different so make sure you read the description.